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Da Fresh

Da Fresh

producent / dj
Francja Francja

Traditional course of a young man who grew in the eighties... Born in a small french provincial town, middle class music lovers family, big brother as teacher and dealer of good sounds, Arnaud (his real surname) will quickly combine a passion for the music with an immoderate taste for computers and music machines.
Afterwards attempts of rock band quickly fallen through, strong of the traditional high-school pupil influences of the time (The Cure, Anne Clark, Depeche Mode...), the young man will succumb very quickly to the french touch success in the nineties. Fascinated by the "Homework" of Daft Punk or the "Pansoul" of Motorbass, then student in an art school, it's under the name of Da Fresh that he will begin the first tentatives of solo composition. Determined and hard worker, he will produce quickly the titles which will launch him on the international electronic music scene : his first album "Supa Feeling" released in 2002 on the Lyon based label Weaked records will receive excellent criticisms, the hit "Fuckin Track" will make the remainder... Then he will be divided between a full-time job of DJ, while keeping a real knowledge of producer. Oriented to originality and effectiveness : he continues with a lot of tracks (Broken Dream, Spaghetti Groove, Age Of Love, Yesterday, Right On Time...), enticing remixes, equipped himself of a power full live act, create his own label Freshin records, and impose himself on the top of electro planet.


- Da Fresh - Here And Now / Warm Sand (Definitive Recordings)

- Da Fresh - Once Again / Fight (1605 Music Therapy)

- Da Fresh Vs Michel Spoon - Summer / Disco Spirit (Muzik XPress)

- Greg Cerrone And Da Fresh - Midnight Rollin (CR2 Records)

- Da Fresh - Ikuko (No Logik Records)

- Greg Cerrone And Da Fresh - Troopers (On The Air Music)
Including rmx by Tristan Garner.

- Da Fresh - Right On Time / One Week (Definitive Recordings)

- Da Fresh - Sneaky Sound (Big Alliance Records)
Including rmxs by Roy Rosenfeld, Alex Mind, Marc Henry.

- Da Fresh Vs Maverickz - Waterlily (Big Big Soundz)
Inluding rmxs by Spartaque, Veerus And Maxie Devine.

- Da Fresh - Shivering (Muzik XPress)

- Da Fresh - Today / Tomorrow EP (On The Air Music)

- Da Fresh Feat Andy P - Another Broken Dream (Paradise)
Including rmxs by Kolombo, Groove Stage, Laurent Pepper, Da Fresh.

- Da Fresh - The Frog (Amalgam Audio)

- Da Fresh - Yesterday (On The Air Music) + (Armada Music)
Including rmxs by Zoo Brazil, Greg Cerrone, Venaccio.

- Da Fresh - Age Of Love (Paradise)
Including rmxs by Greg Cerrone, Groove Garcia.

- Da Fresh - Broken Dream Rmxs (Fusion 026 + 026R)
Including rmxs by Da Fresh, Mar-T & Betoko, Funk Avy, DJ Maxime & Alchemic Storm.

- Da Fresh - Secret (Kung Fu Dub)
Including rmx by Jeff Bennett.

- Da Fresh - Madness (Freshin)
Including rmxs by Marc DePulse, Jeff Bennett.

- Da Fresh Feat Xenia Beliayeva - Oh Boy (Dance Electric)
Including rmx by Martinez.

- Da Fresh - A night At The Beach (Weaked)
Including rmx by Fex.

- Da Fresh Feat Xenia Beliayeva - Slow Dance (Dance Electric)

- Da Fresh - Monophony (Freshin)
Including rmx by Monoroom.

- Da Fresh - Tattoo (Freshin)
Including rmx by Vedrenn.

- Da Fresh - One Imaginary Boy (Weaked CD & LP 02 / Discograph)
01.I Try
02.To The East (Feat Gregg Anthe)
03.On The Road
05.Everybody Loves To Hate
06.Hiding Sun
08.Electronic Supafreak
10.A Night At The Beach
11.Luv Doesn't Love Me
12.Vocoder Ballad (Feat My Vocoder)

- Da Fresh - Electronic Supafreak (Weaked 020)
Including rmxs by Robert Babicz, John Lord Fonda.

- Da Fresh - Luv Doesn't Love Me (Weaked 019)
Including rmxs by John Dahlback, Vernis.

- Da Fresh Feat Xenia Beliayeva - Blur Vision (Dance Electric 008)

- Da Fresh - Broken Dream Rmxs (Hypnotic 30 - 1 & 2)
Including rmxs by David Duriez, Fafa Monteco.

- Da Fresh - Spaghetti Groove (Freshin 002) + (Electrochoc 014)
Including rmxs by Robert Drewek & David Keno, Funkwerkstatt.

- Da Fresh - Hi Score (various / HyBr 03)

- Da Fresh - Fuckin Track Rmxs (Weaked 018)
Including rmxs by Delon & Dalcan, Jack De Marseille, Muttonheads, Jeremy Hirsch.

- Da Fresh - Doggystyle (Freshin 001)
Including rmxs by Fat Phaze, Apoll.

- Da Fresh - On Tha Way (Eden 07)

- Da Fresh - Da Fix EP (Zebra 3 009)

- Da Fresh - Disco Will Never Die (Missile Disco-Tech 01)

- Da Fresh - Broken Dream (various / Hypnotic 030)

- Da Fresh - Yours (various / Zebra 3 NT 01)

- Da Fresh - The Dirty Dozen (Missile 57)

- Da Fresh - Back 4 Ya EP (Weaked 017)

- Da Fresh - Dope Me Rmxs (Zebra 3 006R)
Including rmxs by Tomaz & Redhead, Valentino Kanziany.

- Da Fresh - Da Specialist (Zebra 3 006)

- Da Fresh - Fuckin Track (Weaked 015)
Including rmx by Kiko, Da Fresh.

- Da Fresh - Supa Feeling (Weaked CD & LP 01 / PIAS)
01.Rainy Evening In London
03.First Time
04.Back 4 Ya
07.Precious Body
10.I'm The Teacher
11.Fuckin Track
12.Check Diss
13.Unfinished Dream

- Da Fresh - Graduate EP (Weaked 012)

- Da Fresh - Ram Dam EP (Weaked 009)

- Da Fresh - Trash Kulture EP (Weaked 008)

- Da Fresh - Supa Feeling EP (Weaked 006)



- Lucca - Teleport / Da Fresh rmx (Sound Of acapulco)
- Roy Rosenfeld - Balloons / Da Fresh rmx (Frequenza)
- Phunk Investigation - Insane Machine (Toolroom Records)
- Daniele Petronelli And Mario Miranda Feat Nonsisa - La Frisa / Da Fresh rmx (Net's Work Records)
- Eugene Titov - Like This / Da Fresh rmx (Stereo Seven Plus)
- Maverickz - Zipopotamus / Da Fresh rmx (Pumpz Recordings)
- Marc Fisher - Get The Funk / Da Fresh rmx (Plusquam Records)
- Daniele Petronelli And Mario Miranda Feat Nonsisa - Aqua Marcia / Da Fresh rmx (Vi Tva Records)
- Nick Cambell - Drop It / Da Fresh rmx (Lift'In Records)
- Vincent Vega Vs Rinat Latif - Dance Now / Da Fresh rmx (Skilled Records)
- Flash Brothers Feat Epiphony - More Than You Know / Da Fresh rmx (Armada Music)
- Teo Moss - What U Like / Da Fresh rmx (Pacha)
- Albin Myers - Ashes To Ashes / Da Fresh rmx (Joia)
- Kolombo Vs Loulou Players - Poussette A Chat / Da Fresh rmx (Loulou Records)
- Maverickz Vs Beat Ben - Coma / Da Fresh rmx (Big Big Soundz)
- Dean Newton - Boombox / Da Fresh rmx (No Requests + Toolroom Records)
- AntonX - Lowis / Da Fresh 2009 rmx (Booster)
- Jean Bruce - Yvy / Da Fresh rmx (Nocturbulous)
- Fat Phaze - Mateo / Da Fresh rmx (Sismic)
- Markus Lange And Stereofunk - Funkturm / Da Fresh rmx (Klang Gymnastik)
- Groove Garcia - Minarama / Da Fresh rmx (Khazuma)
- Lsmile - Monster Boy / Da Fresh rmx (Malatoid)
- Greg Cerrone - Taking Control Of You / Da Fresh rmx (On The Air Music)
- Modfunk Feat Zdar - Showtime / Da Fresh rmx (Seek)
- Seva K - Far Away / Da Fresh rmx (Highway)
- Greg Cerrone - Bullit / Da Fresh rmx (On The Air Music)
- Marc DePulse - Frozen / Da Fresh rmx (Playmate)
- Jeff Bennett - Carbon Coat / Da Fresh rmx (Kung Fu Dub)
- Skail Master M - The Walk / Da Fresh rmx (Zoo)
- Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track / Da Fresh rmx (Missile)
- Fabric K and DJ Freddy - Addiction / Da Fresh rmx (Presslab)
- Moonbootica - Jump Around / Da Fresh rmx (Moonbootique)
- Tim Taylor - The Shield / Da Fresh rmx (Missile)
- Fex and Prinz - Urbaniac / Da Fresh rmx (Robotronic)
- Gino's and Snake - Emulate / Da Fresh rmx (Electrochoc)
- Nick Bump and David Asko - Night Stalk / Da Fresh rmx (Fusion)
- Ji Fi - Boisson Electronic / Da Fresh rmx (Jackmoves)
- Hugg and Pepp - Stacy / Da Fresh rmx (Elp)
- Tim Richards - Makes Me Who I Am / Da Fresh rmx (Queep)
- Lissat and Voltaxx - Footlover / Da Fresh rmx (Sure Player Black)
- Lowkey and Kardinal - Seven Days Of Chaos / Da Fresh rmx (Goog)
- Stereofunk and Ande Traenker - Rakete / Da Fresh rmx (Superfancy)
- Vernis - December / Da Fresh rmx (Elp)
- Greg Cerrone - Friday Night / Da Fresh rmx (On The Air Music)
- The Freshmakers - Let U Go / Da Fresh rmx (Serial)
- Layer Of Sound - She Was Just Dancing / Da Fresh rmx (Queep)
- Stereofunk and St Martinique - Calling / Da Fresh rmx (Klang Gymnastik)
- Robert Drewek - Pegasus / Da Fresh rmx (i220)
- Marco Lenzi and Anderson Noise - The Deal / Da Fresh rmx (Missile)
- Tim Taylor and T Heckmann - Minimal Disco / Da Fresh rmx (Minimal Disco)
- Steph Highland - Rock It / Da Fresh rmx (Elektrovibes)
- Kama and Mc Gregor - 10 pm / Da Fresh rmx (Pumpz)
- Main Room - Play It / Da Fresh rmx (Electronica)
- Apoll - No Superego / Da Fresh rmx (Drehstrom)
- Fat Phaze - Line Up / Da Fresh rmx (Sismic)
- Electric Rescue - Dancefloor Addicted / Da Fresh rmx (Bullit)
- AntonX - Lowis / Da Fresh rmx (Recycled Loops)
- Bastien Grine - Keep On Running / Da Fresh rmx (Zebra 3)
- Tim Taylor - Nite daddy / Da Fresh rmx (Missile Disco-Tech)
- Tim Taylor and Andy Slate - Get It On / Da Fresh rmx (Missile Disco-Tech)
- Nick Nexx and Brush - The Anthem / Da Fresh rmx (Pink Music)
- Leeroy Daevis - Can U Feel My Love / Da Fresh rmx (Labels)
- AntonX - Movie Star / Da Fresh rmx (Bodytalk)
- Muttonheads - To You / Da Fresh rmx (Serial)
- Lorenzo - Wonderful People / Da Fresh rmx (Draft / PIAS)
- Accident In Paradise - Don't Be Late / Da Fresh rmx (Yellow)
- Agoria - I'm Simply Not There / Da Fresh rmx (Zebra 3)
- Agoria - Euro 2000 / Da Fresh rmx (UMF)
- Jay Jay Johanson - Believe In Us / Da Fresh rmx (BMG)



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www: da-fresh.com


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